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Its all about Passion !

Served 18 plus Brands in India and overseas Rudraneel Singh is a Cornell University – School of Hotel Administration Certified Professional who truly  believes in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Being Founder Consultant ready to share over 28 years of his Professional Experience to make your Project Successful . 

 From Pizza chains to Multicuisine : 

Working from 3rd Outlet of Dominos Pizza (India) to various Pizza Chains such as Slice of Italy, Pizza Express Dubai, Pizza Hut Delivery. Rudraneel has handled Operations New Store Opening, Large Teams in Coffee QSR Chain, Multi cuisines Outlets from Northern India to Western region from Gujrat to Southern India (Bangalore and Chennai) 

Inspirational Hospitality started in 2016 in East of Kailash, New Delhi with an aim to assist Passionate Entrepreneurs who wanted to setup Pan Asian Cloud Kitchen. 

Seen Success stories of several chain of Restaurants . The inside Hustle of Promoters to the dedication of Crew Members. There is no Shortcut to Success ! Let us help you write your Success Story !

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What Can we Do for You?

  • Feasibility Report
  • Project Planning 
  • Concept Conceptualization 
  • Professional Kitchen setup – Equipment, Ducting Plant / Commercial Exhaust Unit
  • License & Liaison work
  • Staffing – Professional Chef, Operations Staff 
  • Menu Engineering
  • Packaging and Delivery Unit Plan
  • New Store Opening – Checklist & Mock Trials.
  • Contract Management Services – Digital Marketing, Operations & Audits

Success Packages  (Contract Management)

  • Success Package One (70 Hrs per month) @ ( QTR basis)
  • Success Package Two(90 Hrs per month) @(Half yearly basis)
  • Success Package Three (130 Hrs per month)@Yearly basis

18 % GST to be added

Exit Strategy 

If you have tried everything and due to any reason looking for Exit from your Restaurant/QSR Business. We can provide Assistance so that you don’t make a Panic Exit and make a Better Deal of your Assets & Brand value.

Need Advice?

Please email to us at 


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137 Seacoast Ave, New York, NY 10094
+1 (234) 466-9764
Excuisite food, unforgettable atmosphere...
137 Seacoast Ave, New York, NY 10094
+1 (234) 466-9764
Excuisite food, unforgettable atmosphere...